Banning Organics from Landfills

USCC supports bans on disposing of food residuals; Opposes the Weakening of Yard Debris Bans

Attempts to repeal long-standing bans on the disposal of leaves and other yard debris in landfills have subsided in recent years, but are never far away.  We fully anticipate that these fights to continue in the future. To fight these repeals, we are taking a two-pronged approach. First and foremost we work with groups within the affected states to lobby the legislatures and rally their supporters, because each state’s needs are unique and the issues and strategies are different. If you see similar issues arise in other states, please alert our Legislative and Environmental Affairs Committee staff liaison, Cary Oshins, by email to or by phone at 484-547-1521.

At the same time we are raising national awareness on these issues and why they are shortsighted and misguided. More importantly, we are starting to work PROACTIVELY to introduce legislation that will support expansion of the organics recycling industry. Recently California, Massachusetts, Vermont and Connecticut plus New York City have all introduced policies to increase organics recycling and reduce disposal. We will work with like-minded organizations to support these and identify other states and municipalities where such progressive rules can be fostered.

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