Matching Funds Program

Banning certain material from disposal is a tried and true policy that has been used in many states to promote recycling and reduce the environmental impacts of landfilling.

Landfill bans on green waste like leaves, brush and grass has helped stimulate and support the composting industry, bringing economic as well as environmental benefits. Currently 22 states have some sort of landfill ban.

Occasionally opponents of bans submit legislative proposals to overturn/repeal those bans. In order to assist composters in states with existing bans on landfilling yard debris fend off legislation to repeal them, the USCC has established a matching funds program.  The funds can be used by our Charter chapters to hire a lobbyist and support activities specific to that state’s fight.

In 2010, the first year of the program, the funds were used in Georgia and Florida. In Georgia the repeal was defeated.  In Florida it passed the legislature, was vetoed by the governor, but then the veto was overridden, so it went into effect. In 2011 the Georgia legislature did pass the repeal, though the USCC-supported lobbyist did help nearly defeat it again.

To apply for the funds ($5,000 is available), download the application form and the blank MOU.

Contact us for more details at or 301-897-2715.

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