Training Courses

Compost Operations Training Course:

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Technician I Training Courses

Training Goal and Purpose: Train workers at compost facilities on core concepts, skills, and problem solving
Audience: Field workers and equipment operators at commercial-scale compost facilities
Duration: 1 day
Location: On-site at compost operation facilities. Training takes place in classroom setting and “in the field” at the composting operation site.

Interested in hosting a training?  Contact Samantha Stallybrass,, 443-688-6401

Classroom concepts

  • Basic Biological Concepts, roles of oxygen, moisture, C:N ratio, temperature, porosity (bulk density), and time.
  • Pile Management
    • Feedstock handling, receiving and storage, mixing, building, turning,
      curing, screening, storing, monitoring, adding water
    • The Importance of Material Flow: Best not to stockpile incoming or
  • What we sample for and why,
  • The Importance of Recordkeeping (what we record and why)
  • Basic Worker Safety
  • Troubleshooting
    • Focus on Odors, fires (top two issues at sites) Optional Field exercises
  • Feedstock blending
  • Pile monitoring
    • Temperature (Hand-held temperature probes; calibration)
    • Odor
    • Moisture (Squeeze test, microwave, Koster, interpretation)
    • Stability (Solvita)
  • Pile measurements
    • Estimating pile size/volume
    • Estimating bulk density (bucket test)
  • Sampling practice or demonstration
  • Material Watering (classroom activity)
    A variety of field activities can be incorporated designed to train methods for analyzing specific pile problems using prebuilt piles.