The US Composting Council has been successful for the past 24 years in great measure by working with partners of like mind and mission, both formal and informal. Collaboration with our allies – allows all of us to advance missions that are in alignment and reach a bigger audience than any of us could alone.

Take a look at the organizations we work with!


American Biogas Council

American Biogas Council: Our partnership with the ABC Council is organized around anaerobic digestion—airtight tanks for mixing and warming organics, whose micro-organisms break them down into biogas and digested materials, called digestate, that can be composted. This makes a natural link for our two organizations. Read more about ABC.



AmericanHORT: Working with this organization is an important link for us to the nursery and plant industry, where we pass along the message about the beneficial uses of compost in planting medium. With beautiful and health communities as a key part of the mission of AmHORT and its members, our work together is growing! Read more about AmericanHort.


American Society of Landscape Architects

American Society of Landscape Architects: Think green roofs, green infrastructure and sustainable landscapes and you’re right up ASLA’s alley. Think compost, and you’re right up ours. No wonder it is such a sensible pairing. We work with ASLA to equip landscape architects with best practice information about using compost in green infrastructure. ASLA’s website is here.



International Erosion Control Association: Erosion and sediment control are two important uses for compost, and our work with this organization is important outreach for both of our communities. Our information exchange and presence at mutual events opens more opportunities for us each to address our missions. Read more about IECA.



Keep America Beautiful: Chapters in counties, states, cities and towns across the US (and the world) help spread grassroots information about recycling, composting and waste reduction. We help communicate about KAB’s mission—and America Recycles Day each November and they spread the word about ours, including International Compost Awareness Week. Read more about KAB.



Natural Resources Defense Council: NRDC is a national environmental group combining the grassroots power of more than 2 million members and online activists with the courtroom clout and expertise of nearly 500 lawyers, scientists and other professionals. NRDC is a member of the USCC, and its resources on composting include NRDC’s Guide to Composting at Sports Venues (get NRDC’s free report here), conferences and other educational efforts.



Soil Science Society of America/Urban Soils: This group’s focus on the soil science researchers and practitioners brings erosion control, soil quality and nutrient management into their events, information and projects and compost often ends up being part of the equation. Joining with the professional scientists in the field is an important linkage for us and a good way for us to disseminate research about compost quality. Learn more about Soil Science Society of America.


The Association for the Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education (AASHE) enables colleges and universities to meet their sustainability goals by providing specialized resources, professional development, and a network for sharing information about sustainability products and services. Our pairing with AASHE will serve as an invaluable resource to better understand and assist higher education institutions in advancing their sustainability initiatives as they relate to organics recycling and compost utilization/manufacturing. Read more about AASHE





BioCycle: For decades, BioCycle magazine has been the authoritative source of information for the compost industry. The magazine’s team has branched into conferences, education, and many other facets of the industry, making it an ideal partner for the USCC—so idea that BioCycle is the Official Magazine of the US Composting Council! Check all the things BioCycle offers here.